Fun with Knowledge Graph: Go Google “Lionel Richie” right now

Fun with Knowledge Graph: Go Google “Lionel Richie” right now

A few weeks ago, Google pushed out a big search update called Knowledge Graph. The idea behind the tweak is to pull in more detailed information about what you’re searching for, to make sure that Google is bringing back the right results, and that you can see everything that’s important right away.

When I interviewed Google Knowledge Graph PM Emily Moxley last week, she gave me the example of searching for “eagles.” If you’re a sports fan, you want to find the Philadelphia Eagles, and if you’re a music fan, you’d rather find results for the band.

Knowledge Graph will help surface all of the related information on a topic, along with other things that might interest you.

Whether it interests you or not, you should go to Google and search for “Lionel Richie” right now. If you don’t feel like it, here’s what you’ll find below:

This easter egg has fun with Google’s new search tweak, and aims to make you smile.

The feature is pretty handy too, letting you listen to some of Richie’s most popular music, including “Hello.”

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