Google+ gets an official share button

Google+ gets an official share button

Hey there Google+ fans – here’s a quickie about a new toy for you to play with starting today. Google has introduced a full-fledged “Share” button for Google+, breaking form from the original +1 button which got a visual update a few weeks ago.

Now you’ll have the option, just as with the Facebook Share button, to share content from sites that have implemented the feature, including commentary on what you’re passing along.

Wisely, Google decided to make the button change color prior to and after sharing content. Before, it’s gray, after it turns red:

Got a site that needs a bit of Google+ sharing action going on? Head over to the Google Developers page to get yourself set up. There’s a handy couple of options, and then it’s as simple as copy/pasting the code onto your site. Enjoy!

Psst…did you hear that Google Drive launched today?

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