Possible Google Drive screenshot and logo make an appearance

Possible Google Drive screenshot and logo make an appearance

Early last week, we reported that Google was getting close to launching its Google Drive cloud storage product. Now, further evidence of it has appeared, including a screenshot and logo sent in to Geekwire by a reader.

The screenshot shows a very ‘Google looking’ interface with various PDF and .docx files listed. There is also an option to ‘Install Google Drive’, which could indicate a local caching of the app for faster access. The interface looks relatively simple. There isn’t much to it but it does seem to fit in with a report from the Wall Street Journal stating that it would store photos, documents and videos on Google’s servers, allowing for instant sharing via the web and other Google products.

There is also a favicon which appears to show off the new ‘impossible shape’ logo of Google Drive in the traditional Google primary colors. Not a whole lot more can be gleaned from the screenshot, but it seems to look a lot like it should.

Google began referring to a cloud storage service back in November of last year and it would make sense that the company would want to offer its own service that integrated deeply with Gmail, Google Docs and others of its properties. This would allow for instant sharing across its network and combat the effectiveness of alternative services like Dropbox.

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