Google+’s ‘secret weapon’ Daria Musk visits the Googleplex [video]

Google+’s ‘secret weapon’ Daria Musk visits the Googleplex [video]

Last November, I introduced you to Daria Musk, a musician who is leveraging Google+ to launch her career in a brilliant way. Her story stood out to me as a reason why Google+ can win the social network war, or at least stand its own against powerhouses like Facebook.

Musk grabbed onto Google+ and squeezed everything she can out of its current features, namely Google+ Hangouts. She holds live concerts whenever she wants to, including a 24 hour marathon on New Year’s Eve and Day. No travel was involved, no roadies needed, and all of her fans got to watch and interact for free.

Recently, the Google+ team brought Musk out to Mountain View all the way from Connecticut to talk to the team about how she has adopted the product and brought her music to thousands of people from hundreds of countries.

In the video, Google+ product marketing manager Louis Gray talks to Daria Musk about her experiences with the product as well as the history of her career to date. Listening to what a powerhouse user thinks about Google+ is well worth your time:

The idea of “global concerts in an instant” is one that will more than likely be adopted by artists with household names, and Musk is a trailblazer when it comes to this approach. She envisions a day when Hangouts will become a part of stage shows in the future, so that global crowds can be involved with the live action. She could be on to something.

Daria Musk on Google+

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