Google reveals Hong Kong data center development will cost $300m

Google reveals Hong Kong data center development will cost $300m

Google has announced that the development of its planned new data centre in Hong Kong, initially announced in September, will cost $300 million, according to Reuters.

The investment figure will cover all associated development costs — including cost of land, construction equipment, etc — for the centre, which the search giant estimates will have a 25 man strong staff once it is fully up and running.

Simon Chang, head of Google’s hardware operations in Asia, confirmed that the project is being given priority as it seeks to improve operations in the region:

We’re working as quickly as we can to get this facility operational so we can keep up with rapid growth in capacity demand across the region.

The September announcement also revealed Google’s plans to introduce data centers in Singapore and Taiwan over the next two years, although no figures for either project have been shared at this stage.

Hong Kong is already home to Google and its Chinese search engine after the company withdrew the service from mainland China last year. The move, which came in response to increased tension with Chinese authorities, hasn’t totally affected the company’s revenue in China, although it does trail market leader Baidu by some distance.

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