Taiwan set to become an ‘Android Island’ in new proposals

Taiwan set to become an ‘Android Island’ in new proposals

Google’s Android operating system is set to receive a massive boost in Taiwan with news that Japan-based Open Embedded Software Foundation is set to issue proposals detailing a concept of building the country as an Android Island, Digitimes reports.

By educating and working with manufacturers and vendors in the country, the OESF hopes to paint Taiwan as Android Island, effectively promoting Android in devices other than smartphones, encouraging the development of Android-powered TV’s, set-top boxes, in-car computing systems and digital video recorders, building on the well developed technology supply chains in the country.

The concept of painting regions as Android-focused areas is not a new one, the OESF has already successfully built a number of Android Cities in Japan and will present its new plans to Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau, which forms part of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs.

With microprocessing technology firm ARM, Fujitsu, Toshiba, NTT France Telecom, and over 70 supporting organisations, the foundation aims to help “jointly develop and promote standardization of common framework and platform among the participating members for various devices and systems other than cellular phones.”

The OESF will submit its proposal in cooperation with Linaro, a non-profit software engineering company investing in core Linux software and systems running on ARM chips.

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