Google+ to Release Updates For Pages, Mobile, AdWords and More

Google+ to Release Updates For Pages, Mobile, AdWords and More

Google+ geeks, hold onto your hats. The platform is reportedly slated to undergo major renovations in 2012, most of which were revealed by Google Head of SEM/Platform Channel Partnerships, Tae Kim, during his keynote at CrushIQ on Google+ Pages for Businesses.

According to Kim, Google+ will look very different in six months after it becomes better integrated with the entire suite of Google products. Additionally, several of the achievements early Google+ adopters have been able to accomplish through the platform — including meeting new people and connecting users with those they might already know — have been claimed as intentional use of the network by Google.

Besides taking credit for general platform usage trends, Google had more interesting updates to share with the CrushIQ audience. Along with the above, here’s what you’ll be able to expect from Google+ in the near future.

Other Notable Highlights

  • Multiple administrators, an in-demand feature for Google+ Page users, will be enabled in the first quarter of 2012.
  • Better Circle management tools are being integrated.
  • In order to become a verified brand on Google+, the G+ badge must be placed somewhere on your website, and you must have a wealth of followers.
  • Google is more focused on presenting its Google+ product as is rather than waiting to be perfect for release.
  • AdWords will definitely be coming to Google+, though monetization is not a priority, and will somehow include Ripples.
  • There is a heavy focus on mobile for Google+, with the goal being 100% functionality.
  • Google+ is prioritizing its Android app over iOS due to limited resources, but will update its iOS application as soon as it is able.
  • You will be able to search with the “+” button through Google to find either Pages or people.
  • There are now over 250 companies with Google+ Brand Pages, a number that continues to grow.

These notes come from Carter Gibson, a Marketing and Events Intern at the Kogod Center for Career Development who attended the keynote. Apologies for any minor inaccuracies.

Though I haven’t been able to surface a recording of the conference myself, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out and plan to keep you updated. Until then, check out this photo Gibson was able to grab from the event.


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