Google is making its tablet-based search page more fingertip friendly

Google is making its tablet-based search page more fingertip friendly

Google appears to be testing a new method for finding what you want even faster when you’re browsing from a tablet. An interface tweak, spotted by Google Operating System, shows a new selection process that allows you to define whether you’re searching for Everything, Images, Videos, News or otherwise.

It appears that this new interface is more specialized for finger-based input, with improved spacing between elements that would allow you to touch what you want instead of everything else around it.

There’s also an improved dropdown for selecting your search tools (such as safe search, or searching by time), and a well-spaced list of related searches will appear on the right.

If you’re not familiar, you can see an identical search made on the current interface below:

Interestingly, Google has opted to keep the top bar functions (for Web, Images, etc) which duplicates some of them in the new interface. However, as this is likely just a test, the chances are pretty good that we’ll see tweaks come out in later versions that do away with duplicated sections.

So what are your thoughts? Do the changes look like something that would make touchscreen life easier for you? Let us know in the comments.

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