Google snatches up 1,023 IBM patents to shore up Android defenses

Google snatches up 1,023 IBM patents to shore up Android defenses

Goolge has purchased 10,23 patents from IBM that it may use to help it defend itself against Android-related lawsuits, reports Bloomberg. A spokesman for Google confirmed the transaction today, which occurred on August 17th and was recorded yesterday, September 13th.

The patents cover a wide range of topics from server architecture to wireless devices. Bill Slawski of SEO by the Sea has taken a look at the patents involved and picked out a few that stood out to him. The ones that will probably be of most interest to Google are the ones related to cellular and mobile devices:

This is apparently a separate purchase from the 1,030 patents that Google acknowledged it had purchased in July. Those patents were related to “fabrication and architecture of memory and microprocessing chips, computer architecture including servers and routers relational databases and object oriented programming.”

Google has been making several patent buys lately, including the purchase of over 17,000 patents that will come along with its acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Although many have attributed that purchase to patent fears, there are also many signs that Google wanted Motorola for its hardware business as well. The search giant has said that Android is under attack from other smartphone manufacturers.

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