Google testing infinite scrolling in search results

Google testing infinite scrolling in search results

Google is testing out infinite scrolling on its search page, making it possible for every search result to be on your first page. The new pagination method has been spotted by a few people including Simply Zesty’s Niall Harbison. The new method allows you to simply click a ‘show more’ button at the bottom of the search results to get an infinitely scrolling list of results.

You can see the new method demonstrated in this video from French blog Waebo:

Google has already announced that it is spicing up its image search results with infinite search and now it looks to be testing it out on the main search page as well. It looks to be very similar to the video above, so Google may be rolling out the feature system-wide relatively soon. A Google spokesperson has confirmed the testing to Search Engine Land saying, “Google is constantly experimenting with new features.”

What do you think about infinite search? A welcome change or do you prefer the traditional pagination?

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