Should teens be allowed to join Google+? This teen says its success depends on it.

Should teens be allowed to join Google+? This teen says its success depends on it.

Editor’s note: Did you know Google+ was an adult-only zone? Teenager Cec Plascott is so annoyed with the situation that she sent us a note to vent her frustration. We thought that it was worth sharing with you.

I am SICK of hearing the words “Google” and “Plus” together. SICK.

Google’s a hugely inspirational company and I’m super-hyped that FINALLY they’ve been able to pull off what they have been working to achieve for what seems like forever. Sure, they’ve failed many a time with creating something social, but apparently, Google+ just kicks ass.

Why do I say apparently? Because I’ve not been able to use Google+, and probably won’t get to for the next 4 years. Google have made, in my opinion, a huge mistake by adding a restriction of an 18+ age requirement – the age at which you are able to “form a binding contract with Google.”

Shutting off teens (some of the most avid internet users) from their social network will mean they’ll never achieve numbers like Facebook, or Twitter. Google is a clever company, and I’m sure they’ll eventually see sense. What I want to know is what drove them to put such limitation on the network in the first place?

If you’re over the age of ten and capable of using the Internet, then you’re most likely fully competent of safe guarding your online privacy, and information. I don’t know about you, but my parents have shown and warned me of several Internet dangers since I was young, so I know that I’m not going to be giving out my home address or the like. Therefore the age restriction should really be something like 13+ at the most.

Facebook is the largest social network, so I’d assume Google looked into the workings of the company during the process of creating Google+. Many people are claiming that Facebook are now on death row (right behind MySpace), but let’s just step back and consider a few facts. What limitations have Facebook put on themselves regarding age? 13+. This isn’t an issue, this is about the age where we stop seeing our friends daily, and need some kind of platform to keep up with everything. Where as Google has wrongly assumed that teenagers aren’t interested in their platform. Teens do like sharing information together, teens do want to know what’s going on, teens do want to be involved.

I’m also surprised that I haven’t heard more complaints on the subject, sure I’ve seen some angry forum threads, but no big discussions, or articles.

So, do you think an 18+ age restriction can severely damage the long-term success of Google+?

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