Harry Potter teams up with Google for Pottermore.com

Harry Potter teams up with Google for Pottermore.com

We first wrote about the new Harry Potter themed website Pottermore last month, which is set to open its online doors to the public in October.

And today, Google has announced a partnership with Pottermore to help fans make the most of their ebook purchases.

Pottermore will be integrated with a number of Google products and APIs. When the series of Harry Potter ebooks and audio books launch on Pottermore.com later this year, you will be able to push them through to your Google eBooks account.

Additionally, YouTube will be the default platform for all future video broadcasts, just as it was for JK Rowling’s Pottermore announcement back in June:


Part of the deal will also see Google Checkout become the preferred third-party payment platform for purchases made on Pottermore.com, but you’ll also be given the choice to pay by debit or credit card.

Now that the final Harry Potter movie has been made, Pottermore looks set to keep the Harry Potter brand ticking over just nicely. This link-up should be a major money-spinner for Google, as the Harry Potter brand is thought to be worth in excess of $15bn.

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