As promised, Google has shut down TNW’s Google+ Account. We’ll be ok, really…

As promised, Google has shut down TNW’s Google+ Account. We’ll be ok, really…

Update: Wait. We’re back?

Google announced only a few hours ago that it would be shutting down profiles of non-users, specifically “a team, an organization, a business, a brand, an NGO, a university, etc.” Its motivations aren’t completely clear but we assume Google simply wants to ensure Google+ remains a business free zone until it officially releases “business profiles”.

If I’m honest, I expected it to to be at least a couple of weeks before we’d be kicked off the site but no, Google isn’t one to muck around. TNW, along with some other publications, have officially been booted off the site that we can honestly say we’ve become a big fan of.

I don’t think there’s another publication out there that has provided as much coverage on news, views and resources to make the most out of the Google+ experience. The good news is that we won’t stop and, with a bit of luck, we’ll be back soon whether as part of Google’s business profiles trials or when it officially launches the feature later this year.

In the mean time, for TNW news, feel free to follow our troops on G+. The full list can be found below and of course, the list of most followed on G+ can be found on our very own Social Statistics.

See you soon G+’s.

List of TNW Staff on Google+

Zee M Kane – Editor in Chief
Matt Brian – Mobile/Apple Editor
Brad Mccarty – US Editor
Martin Bryant – European Editor:
Arjen Schat – Co-Founder & CTO
Courtney Myers – East Coast Editor
Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten – TNW Co-Founder
Patrick de Laive – TNW Co-Founder
Jorg Ruis – TNW CMO
Joel Falconer – Australia Editor
Paul Sawers –  UK Editor
Francis Tan – Asia Editor
Amalia Agathou – Marketing & Social Media Director
Nancy Messieh – Middle East Editor
Vikas SN – India Editor
Matthew Panzarino – West Coast Editor
Mike Vardy – West Coast Editor
Nmachi Jidenma – Africa Editor
Anna Heim – Latin America Editor
Alex Wilhelm – Microsoft Editor
Aleks Grynis – TNW Poland Editor
Guy Doyen – TNW France Editor

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