The Google+ Survey: The Next Web Wants Your Opinions.

The Google+ Survey: The Next Web Wants Your Opinions.

At less than a week old, Google+ is still in its infancy but those lucky enough to have received an invite so far probably have a good idea whether they like, dislike or are indifferent to Google’s new social platform.

We had been keeping our eye on a similar (well, identical) poll over at Twtpoll, but it seems that it crashed not long before it hit 500 participants. So, we thought we’d create our own survey as we really are keen to get a consensus on Google+: yes or no.

This short survey will help us get an idea of what you’re all thinking of Google+ so far, and whether it’s a match for the two other social networking behemoths….Facebook and Twitter.

If you can spare 30 seconds, we’d love to get your thoughts on Google+:

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