Google+ rolls out its first changes to deal with post bumping and privacy

Google+ rolls out its first changes to deal with post bumping and privacy

We’ve been more than a bit enamored with Google+ since its launch just a few days ago (still haven’t gotten your invitation? Check this out, it may still work!) According to a recently-discussed share inside of Google+, it appears that the first changes are going to be rolling out in answer to some concerns from its users.

First, when you have a post that is defined as Limited (anything that you haven’t shared publicly) other people will no longer be able to share that content. Previously, once you shared it, others could link to it and that created a privacy problem that Google wanted to fix in the post-Buzz world. This feature isn’t going to be live just yet, but you should all have it by next week.

Second, you’ll see some changes as to what’s being displayed in your timeline starting sometime over the weekend. Google is going to be running an experiment to see how you react to them. If you’re tired of seeing the same post time and again because it keeps getting content, you’ll notice that posts should only jump to the top of your stream when they have activity in them from the people with whom you have a defined relationship within Google+.

Finally there’s a small change that will show you how to share the posts of others. It’s a minor change, but important in order to continue to drive discussions and use of Google+

So there you have it. Hop over to our invitation instruction post if you’re not in yet and make sure to let us know in the comments what you think about the changes.

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