Google+ invites being sold on eBay for up to $27 each


In case you hadn’t noticed by now, demand for access to Google+ is astronomic right now, and when demand for something is exceed supply, the scammers and others looking to make a quick buck will undoubtedly come out to play.

There’s no difference here. Access to Google+ is currently on sale on eBay for prices ranging between$0.99 and $27 by a number of sellers claiming to offer ‘instant delivery’.

That a market has emerged for access to the new social service isn’t surprising, but given that the rate at which people are being let into the service is being controlled by Google, the chance that you’ll actually get the ‘immediate access’ the eBay sellers are promising is slim. What’s more, even if the person you hand your cash over does get you in, you’ll be paying for something that Google will give you for free. As soon as they can.

The easiest way to get into Google+ is detailed here – just get someone to you know to share a post with you by email from Google+ – you’ll then get an email which will finger crossed let you in right away, if you’re lucky.

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