Get behind the Wall Street Journal paywall for free with a single click

Get behind the Wall Street Journal paywall for free with a single click

There’s no doubting that the Wall Street Journal is one of the most dedicated and authortative new sources but it can be frustrating when you want to read a breaking story on its website only to find that the article is inaccessible.

The Wall Street Journal puts a large percentage of its news behind a paywall, requiring readers to sign up to read reports in full. Luckily, there is an easy, fully legal, way to access these articles and all it requires is Google’s Chrome browser and a lightweight extension.

Read WSJ Extension serves all of the WSJ’s articles, directly from its website, opening up reports that were previously behind a paywall. The extension operates by utilising Google’s own cache of the article when it is first published, directing users via Google’s servers to the requested page.

Once installed, a small unlocked padlock is loaded next to the headline of each paywalled article on the WSJ website. A simple click is all that is needed to view the article of your choice.

The trick isn’t entirely new; you are able to copy the full URL of the the Wall Street Journal article and paste it into Google to get the desired page, this extension makes it all so much easier.

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