Think Insights: Google’s new site for data addicts

Think Insights: Google’s new site for data addicts

Some people might say that statistics are like mini-skirts: they give good ideas, but hide the most important thing. What nonsense though, statistics, data, hard numbers…whatever you want to call it, are what give businesses and marketers the world over insight into the efficacy of all their hard work.

With that in mind, Google has announced a new site called Think Insights, which aims to arm online marketers with all the juicy data they need to make informed decisions. Want  to know how new mothers use the Internet, or when is peak period for consumers’ Christmas shopping? Or maybe you’re looking for some hard facts to back-up what you knew all along and convince your boss to loosen the marketing purse strings?

Think Insights will host white papers, videos, case studies and other stat-based insights (hence the name…) to help people tap into trends and maximise their profits. The first feature today looks at some key trends from mobile commerce, and the video comes with cheesy voiceover ‘n all:

This is a good move by Google, not only will it help furnish marketers with key data, but it will also encourage people to spend on AdWords.

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