Android 3.1 Ice Cream Sandwich, One OS Everywhere

Android 3.1 Ice Cream Sandwich, One OS Everywhere

Google has announced Android 3.1, Ice Cream Sandwich at the Google I/O conference. The new version of Android will be a unified OS, available across all Google devices.

Key features of the new OS are that it will be available across all platforms that Google is on, a new Virtual Camera Operator and all of the features that Google introduced in Honeycomb. This includes multitasking, UI and the new resizable widgets just announced.

Virtual Camera Operator is a new technology that will allow Android 3.0 to automatically focus on video chat participants. The demonstration was smooth and responsive and seemed to excite the crowd.

Since the new improvements that were announced for the Android Honeycomb platform are also coming to Android 3.1, users of phones will also soon be able to use accessories like game controllers to play games on their devices.

Google also announced that they will be starting a partnership to fix the fragmentation issues plaguing the Android OS.

Android 3.1 will be made available in the coming months for all Android phones.

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