Google reportedly testing “Speak Now” search with Chrome

Google reportedly testing “Speak Now” search with Chrome

We have all heard, by now, that one of the new features of Chrome 11 is the ability to use voice commands. While users of Android devices have seen this for quite some time, doing it from the desktop is a completely different story.

According to SEO Roundtable, it seems that Google is testing its first implementation of the speech-to-text ability with a “Speak Now” search option on searches.

Roundtable’s extremely credible Barry Schwartz brings up the obvious questions, but then knocks them right down:

The user promises to not be using the Google Chrome extension Voice Search which seems to be doing the same thing. Do I trust him? I think so. He said, “Not using any extensions this just popped up tonight. From what I understand this was only available with mobile devices in the past.”

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