Google Looks to Spotify Again to Solve Music Streaming Woes

Google Looks to Spotify Again to Solve Music Streaming Woes

According to source knowledgeable with the talks, Google is in negotiations with Spotify for the music streaming giant to power Google’s new GoogleMusic service.

The source told Cnet that Google has been in talks with Spotify for weeks. Apparently this information came to light as Google informed the major music labels, which it has been in troubled talks with, that it is considering using Spotify to power it’s service.

This news indicates that Google has yet to achieve an agreement with the four major labels in the US. Google had originally intended to release it’s new music service late last year but difficulties made it push it back to a March release which also did not materialize.

This isn’t the first time that Google has taken a look at using Spotify to materialize it’s position in the music streaming space. Back in October, Techcrunch reported that Google almost purchased Spotify outright for $1b. That sale did not go through but it looks like Google has returned to the Spotify well to slake their music service thirst.

Google has yet to make any further announcements about when GoogleMusic can be expected to launch. The three way heat to bring music streaming from the cloud to consumers was broken last month when Amazon launched their Cloud Player service.

With new information indicating that Apple may be close to introducing their cloud music service product, you can bet that Google is pulling out all of the stops to try to get it’s service online as well.

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