Fun Tip: Search Google For “Tilt” Or “Askew” On Your Smartphone

Fun Tip: Search Google For “Tilt” Or “Askew” On Your Smartphone

It appears that the April Fools pranks at Google aren’t quite over after a new Easter Egg emerged that literally changes the perspective of your Google search if you enter the terms “Tilt” or “Askew” on your smartphone.

Using a bit of CSS trickery, the terms automatically change the orientation of your search results, offsetting them with a slight lean or tilt, leaving them slightly askew (I think you get the idea).

For those without a smartphone to hand, the search will not work on a normal Google search but it will if you use a mobile formatted search in your desktop browser:

We are sure there are a lot more terms that will unlock hidden Easter Eggs, can you help us find them?

UPDATE: You can also Do A Barrel Roll. Check Shareables every day for more great finds from around the Web.

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