Android Developers Report Issues Updating Their Apps

Android Developers Report Issues Updating Their Apps

A bug in Google’s Android Developer Console has left a large number of Android developers unable to perform basic functions within their developer accounts, leaving them without the ability to upload or update apps and view comments.

Frustrated developers have posted messages on Google’s Android help forums, highlighting error messages, file size errors and restrictions when trying to change feature listings and screenshots on their Android Market listing.

One developer reports:

The Android Developer Console is not working since 18 hours now. The website is shown but the application list is empty. This is what we see:

“Failed to load application list. Try again later.”

This is since over 18 hours now. We would like to upload new releases as we promised to our customers. We just got the first two complains. Why do we developers don’t get any information about outages???

Many other developers have taken to the forum to report they are suffering from the same problem, some expressing dismay at the fact a Google employee hasn’t acknowledged the errors despite the fact the issue was raised three days previous.

Those who were persistent enough have been able to upload and update applications, resubmitting requests via the Android Developer Console until uploads or edits were recognised.

With upload or edit functionality temporarily unavailable, it is possible some developers are missing out on issuing updates and bug fixes for paid apps, potentially affecting sales volumes.

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