Photos: Google’s Snazzy New London Offices

Photos: Google’s Snazzy New London Offices

Google has a shiny new 40,000 sq ft office in London at 123 Buckingham Palace Road. The new digs were designed by Scott Brownrigg Interior Design to accommodate over 300 staff. The firm is also responsible for designing The London Business School, the Eden House in Spital Square, and numerous other beautiful buildings both residential and commercial.

The lobby features a giant Google logo forming doorways through the two Os. The entire space features a Brighton beach theme including wallpaper with seaside imagery. Meeting rooms were made out of brightly coloured timber beach huts. Giant colorful dice accommodate individual video conference booths and original dodgem cars and traditional red telephone booths are all work spaces available to both staff and visitors. It kind of reminds me of playing in an updscale McDonald’s playground. I wonder if London’s office has sleep pods too?

The space also includes a fully fitted out gym/shower facility, massage and spa treatment centre, and an Asian Fusion/Sushi restaurant that is free for all staff.

Must be nice…

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