Gmail now lets you restore contacts you accidentally deleted

Gmail now lets you restore contacts you accidentally deleted

Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ option is a thing of wonder, allowing you to recall emails you’ve sent for a short period. It’s perfect for those “Ouch, why did I say THAT?” moments. Now Google is extending the idea to contacts.

The Gmail blog has just announced a new feature that allows you to restore contacts you’ve deleted up to a month after you binned them.

Now, if you’re like me, your Gmail contact list is enormous and never gets tweaked, let alone trimmed. Google does a good job of organising contacts so that you never really need to think about them. However, if you’ve accidentally wiped your entire contact list during a botched attempt to sync with a mobile device (all too easy to do) this could be really useful.

To roll back to an old set of contacts, visit the contacts section, select “Restore contacts” in the “More actions” menu, and choose the time you would like to revert to. Gmail offers time periods of up to 30 days. Handy!

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