Android Market gets updated with Related apps tab

Android Market gets updated with Related apps tab

Google has stealthily updated the Android Market today with a feature that you may have seen in that official Android Gingerbread video that surfaced yesterday. You have no idea what feature we’re talking about do you?

The ‘Related’ tab in the Android Market, of course.

That feature has now gone live and if you don’t see it just yet, all you have to do is go to Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage applications, Market, and then clear the Market data, re-launch the Market and you should see the new Related or Similar tab.

Now what exactly is this Related tab all about?

It’s what it sounds like. It’s a tab that shows you apps that are related to the one that you’re looking at on the Android Market. You can see an example of it over there to the right, in an image courtesy of Techie Buzz.

Not as exciting as a huge Market update for Gingerbread but hey, it’s certainly a welcomed feature that should make finding applications on the Market a little bit easier.

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