Wow, that was fast. Google Chrome 9 spotted in the wild!

Wow, that was fast. Google Chrome 9 spotted in the wild!

We’ve talked, at length, about Chrome’s success and we’ve attributed that partially to the Chrome and Chromium teams’ ability to roll out updates incredibly fast. But this, even we weren’t expecting. As our own @Alex wrote just yesterday about the replacement of Chrome 6 with Chrome 7, and we’ve only just started to hear about Chrome 8 lurking around the Internets, it’s surprising to see the teams pushing Chrome 9 out and about.

However, when browsing through our Clicky stats here for TNW, you can clearly see that we do indeed have some visitors who are using Chrome 9.

Some other interesting facts about our Chrome 9 visitors? They’re primarily from outside of the US, and a vast majority of them are Hackernews readers:

For the rest of us? We’ll likely have to wait until November 29th to get our hands on Chrome 9, as that’s the scheduled release date.

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