Google TV: NBC, HBO, Netflix and more added to the launch

The Difference Engine

It’s a day full of Google, and I couldn’t be happier about that. As we told you earlier, Google has started the push for Google TV by releasing the media site for the product and answering a few questions. I did point out that there were some heavy hitters in the logos that Google was showing, and now we have an explanation for that.

According to the Google TV blog, Google as been pushing hard for original, deeper content than what we’re seeing from the competition:

  • Turner Broadcasting has been hard at work optimizing some of their most popular websites for viewing on Google TV, including TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, available anytime through Google TV.
  • NBC Universal has collaborated with Google TV to bring CNBC Real-Time, an application that allows you to track your favorite stocks and access news feeds while enjoying the best financial news from CNBC directly on the TV screen.
  • HBO will bring access to hundreds of hours of original programming to Google TV with HBO GO. Authenticated subscribers will soon be able to access all of their favorite HBO content on-demand in an enhanced website for Google TV.
  • NBA has built NBA Game Time, an application that lets you follow game scores in real-time and catch up on the latest highlights from your favorite team in HD.

We’re also told that you will see some applications from sites such as VEVO, Pandora (see the Pandora statement here), Napster and Twitter (as we just detailed in another post). YouTube Leanback, of course, will be highly featured and Google is urging other developers to get involved as well by giving us a peek at what apps will be on the platform:

It’s a huge lineup, overall. There are some missing pieces, however. We have to wonder if ABC and Fox have signed deals that are exclusive to Apple TV. Of course, much of the programming will still be available via Amazon, but the price point is considerably different.

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