Google Buzz: Coming soon to your Gmail sidebar?

Google Buzz: Coming soon to your Gmail sidebar?

While there is certainly a lot of activity on Buzz, it’s never blown up quite into the service that Google had expected. As such, we’re starting to see Buzz get implemented for easier use, and it appears that it might be coming to your Gmail main page very soon. At least, that seems to be possible, at least if what we’re seeing is real:

It seems that a group of testers, according to Google Operating System, are starting to see a “Recent buzz” section in lieu of where there are typically display ads. Google has done some experiments with this area in the past, but bringing Buzz forward and into a more prominent position might be just the kick in the pants that it needs.

Let us know your thoughts. Would Buzz in your face make you more likely to use it? Our take is that implementing it in a better location within Gmail for Mobile would be the power play.

A tip of the hat goes to @ssethi for the find.

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