Google starts inviting users to App Inventor for Android

Google starts inviting users to App Inventor for Android

Google is sending out App Inventor for Android invites to certain users. App Inventor let’s you “visually design applications and use blocks to specify application logic” instead of using code, which Google hopes will mean that anyone will be able to produce an app and getting running on their phones. It’s a grand idea that many people are dying to try out to see how well it works.

Here’s the invite that our Luka Sucic just received:

“Welcome to App Inventor for Android!

The Google account that you are receiving this email on has been given access to App Inventor.

We recommend you start your app building adventures by working through the Getting Started material. You might also want to read more about App Inventor and take a look at some sample apps. Finally, you can ask questions and get help by signing up for the App Inventor Google Group.


Google’s App Inventor Team”

Here’s our previous coverage of a service that many people are excited to get their hands on, and some screenshots from Luka after signing into App Inventor:

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