Google launches “Fiber Communities” to share the broadband love

Google launches “Fiber Communities” to share the broadband love

While Google won’t make any announcements on which cities will be chosen for the their Google Fiber project until the end of the year, Google today launched a new site called Google Fiber for Communities to, “learn more about fiber networks and keep up-to-date on our project.” The site offers FAQs, a “take action” section for grassroots support of fiber projects, and other resources.

Google also came up with a thank you video (below) for the 1,100 or so communities that have applied for the Google Fiber project.

Oh, and we’d like to also mention something here about a fun service that ZoomProspector has put together, which aims to help Google figure out which cities to choose for the project:

“Looking for the best city to provide your ultra high-speed broadband network but don’t know which to choose? Just select what is most important to you to search for the top 5 Google Fiber communities. This quiz is for fun and selects only from communities that have performed some of the wildest promotions, but the data is all real.”

Here’s the thank you video:

Disclosure: I am a former employee of GIS Planning, which runs ZoomProspector.


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