Google invests in company that predicts the future. No one saw it coming.

Google invests in company that predicts the future. No one saw it coming.

Google has invested in a US startup company that claims to be able to predict the future.

The company, Recorded Future, based out of Boston, has developed a data analytics technology that could be used to try to predict future stock market events or even terrorist activity.

On a the company’s YouTube channel it explains:

“Recorded Future allows financial analysts, intelligence analysts, and predictors to organize and aggregate future observations with ease,”

On its LinkedIn page, the startup says it has “some of the top government agencies and trading firms in the world,” according to a February profile in The Boston Globe.

Christopher Ahlberg, co-founder and CEO of Recorded Future, is the founder of business intelligence firm Spotfire, which was Spotfire was acquired by Tibco in 2007, for $195 million in cash. Similar to Spotfire, Recorded Future seems to have operations both in Boston and in Sweden, Ahlberg’s country of origin.

Video introducing Recorded Future from its YouTube channel:

Recorded Future is one of several companies to receive investments from Google Ventures, which just turned one year old on Monday. Google officially announced its team of partners and unveiled a website with detailed info about the fund.

The full list of companies includes:

  • Adimab The first fully integrated, yeast-based antibody discovery platform
  • Corduro offers a range of payment services for Internet, mobile, and traditional retail transactions.
  • English Central is a language learning platform, which uses high quality Web content, like speeches from President Obama or clips from popular movies, to teach English. Its unique language learning software allows users to hear themselves speaking, and shows them exactly where they’re making pronunciation mistakes.
  • OpenCandy exists to solve distribution, monetization and discovery problems in the consumer application space. OpenCandy’s first product is an ad network for consumer applications.
  • Pixazza converts static images into interactive content by revealing the “products in the picture” across popular Web sites.
  • Recorded Future extracts time and event information from the Web. Recorded Future offers customers new ways to analyze the past, present and the predicted future.
  • SCVNGR is a geo-gaming platform that lets anyone (individual or institutional) build location-based mobile games, tours, and interactive experience that can be played by anyone on any mobile device.
  • Silver Spring Networks is a leading smart grid solutions provider. Its hardware, software, and services help utilities reduce carbon emissions, operate more efficiently, and empower their customers with new ways to monitor and manage their energy consumption.
  • VigLink is a tool for publishers of all sizes to make monetization of their outbound links effortless, transparent and honest.
  • V-Vehicle is a new American car company that is introducing a safe, high-quality, fuel-efficient, and well-equipped car for the U.S. market. Designed and built in America, V Car makes green affordable for the masses.

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