URL includes QR codes. Social sharing now easier than ever. URL includes QR codes.  Social sharing now easier than ever. QR CodesMost of us use URL shorteners when sharing sites.  It just makes sense.  Google’s service, might just become your new shortener of choice with included QR codes.

When you shorten a link thru, just put .qr at the end of the shortened link and a QR will be generated for you.  For instance, the image in this post is the QR code for The Next Web, as seen in the URL

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QR codes are catching on, with more devices (including all Android powered devices) including scanners that can read them.  The practice of mobile tagging is picking up too, with appearances of QR codes in publications and even in businesses, linking to relevant websites.

An image from the Wikipedia article (though I generally will never use Wikipedia as a source, this is a great explanation) clears up the process of mobile tagging:

There’s also a great article at Lifehacker that gives some points on how to create your own QR codes.

So the next time you have a site that you want to share, toss a .qr at the end of your shortened link and send it out.

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