Gmail Offering Sponsored Themes?

Gmail Offering Sponsored Themes?

Assassin's Creed Gmail ThemeAccording to TNW’s Matt Brian, the answer is yes.  Matt noticed an Assassin’s Creed theme available in his Gmail, and dug a bit deeper to find out what the story was behind it.

The Google Themes help section explains that “users in Brazil, the UK, and France may see the option to choose a Sponsored theme”.  Sponsored themes are only available on an experimental basis at the moment.  However, if you choose to show one, it will remain available to you even after the testing phase has ended.

More thoughts, and a screenshot after the break.

It appears that Google is testing the waters on how it can monetize some functions that already exist within its product lines.  Suddenly, I find myself jealous of those living in Brazil, the UK and France.

Where do you live?  Can you see the Sponsored Themes?  Regardless, would you use one?

Gmail Sponsored Themes

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