Apple’s mobile ad network likely to solidify Google’s AdMob purchase.

Apple’s mobile ad network likely to solidify Google’s AdMob purchase.

All Things Digital is reporting that Apple will likely announce its new mobile advertising platform on Thursday.  If the speculation shows to be true, Google will likely be throwing a party.

Why such exuberance at Google?  Because Google is on the verge of antitrust investigation for the company’s planned purchase of AdMob, one of the largest mobile advertising companies in the world.  By AdMob’s claim, the company serves over 7 billion ads monthly across mobile devices.

This acquisition would clearly place Google into a commanding lead in the mobile advertising market, but it has brought the company under close scrutiny. (More after the jump) Google has been attempting to verify that there is in fact a large market for mobile advertising, and that the purchase would not place the company into an antitrust position.  Google has gone so far as to applaud Apple’s acquisition of Quattro wireless in the Public Policy blog.

From the blog:

Today’s news that Apple is acquiring one of AdMob’s competitors, Quattro Wireless, is further proof that the mobile advertising space continues to be competitive. And with more investments and acquisitions in the space, including from established players like Apple and Google, that’s a sign that vigorous growth and competition will continue. That’s ultimately great for users, advertisers and publishers alike.”

Google is likely feeling the pressure even more so today as Reuters covers the story of an antitrust senator urging an investigation into Google’s purchase.  There is a $750 million dollar transaction on the line and if Sen. Herb Kohl, chairman of the antitrust subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary committee has his way, Google will have a lot of questions to answer first.

Google and Apple both have reason to push their deals forward.  Given the dramatic rise of mobile phone data use, Google believes that ad costs on mobile units could out-price personal computer based advertising in the near future.

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