Google: Our Apps Will Have Special Features for iPad

Google: Our Apps Will Have Special Features for iPad

Google carries a great concern with the usability of its applications.  For those of us who are likely to be carrying an iPad, yet are still addicted to Gmail (as well as other services), there’s some great news.

iPad users will have access to Google’s new HTML5 design, that is very similar to what we’ve seen on the iPod and Android devices.  However, it will be larger, with more functionality.

Screenshot and more information after the break.

The new application features a 2 pane view, that will make navigation between Gmail, Buzz, Talk and others more accessible.  This layout, in both portrait and landscape settings, should make Gmail a thing of beauty on the iPad.

Lots of other Google services will come standard on the iPad, including Maps and YouTube.  Google says that you will notice that you might see a desktop application for a service, while others will run in a browser-based setting, depending on which is more appropriate for the application.

Google is inviting the world to try the new interface.  From the blog: “go to in your browser. We recommend adding a homescreen link for easy access”.   My largest gripe with the HTML5 interface on both my iPod Touch and Droid is that my fingers are way too big to use the small tabs effectively.  With the extra screen real estate on the iPad, it looks like I might be kissing my laptop goodbye for yet another task.

Give it a shot and let us know your impressions.  For you early-adopters, we want your comments after you get your hands on your iPad tomorrow!

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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