Cyberpunk 2077 gives us a beautifully twisted glimpse into the future

As we’re now just a day away from the E3 gaming expo, publishers are already busy hyping up their upcoming titles. That includes Polish outfit CD Projekt, which has finally released a trailer for its highly anticipated futuristic RPG, Cyberpunk 2077.

It’s set in a time when megacorporations run the world, high-tech prosthetic enhancements are commonplace, and in the sprawling metropolis of Night City, crime is the order of the day. You’ll take on the role of V, a budding mercenary-for-hire at the start of his career.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been in the works for some six years now, and it sure looks like it’s had plenty of work put into the project. Polygon noted that an easter egg hidden in the trailer revealed that the title will include free DLC, and won’t come with any sort of DRM or microtransactions that could ruin the fun. We don’t yet have a release date, but CD Projekt (which also made the incredible The Witcher series) promises to deliver a solid single-player experience when it’s ready. Oh, and it’ll reveal more at E3, so stay tuned for our coverage.

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