The Elder Scrolls VI gets an all-too-short teaser

At its E3 press conference, American game publisher Bethesda revealed a teaser clip that revealed The Elder Scrolls VI, is real, and in development.

That means the company hasn’t merely been resting on its laurels since the launch of the incredibly popular The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim back in 2011. Sure, it’s released DLC and brought it to many more platforms since the initial release (including Alexa), but Bethesda hadn’t said much about its sequel in recent times – except that it was indeed working on it.

Sadly, the brief teaser doesn’t reveal much more than an expansive mountainous environment – so we don’t know what kind of plot, gameplay, or release date to expect. Still, it’s more than we’ve seen from the Elder Scrolls universe in a long time.

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