The next game in the Fallout series is called Fallout 76

The next game in the Fallout series is called Fallout 76

Last night, Bethesda set the Internet ablaze by hinting at a new installment in the Fallout series. Now, we know what it’s called: meet Fallout 76.

You can watch the teaser trailer above. As you might expect, it tells you pretty much nothing about gameplay, but does drop a few clues at what we can expect.

Unlike the intro to Fallout 3, the teaser to Fallout 76 is set within a pristine, unburned, Deathclaw-free vault. Vault 76, to be precise. That’s where the name comes from.

Eagle-eyed Fallout fans should be nominally aware of Vault 76. Players learned about it in Fallout 3, while delving through the computer systems of the Citadel. It was also briefly mentioned in the Mothership Zeta  expansion pack and Fallout 4.

According to the game’s canon, Vault 76 houses 500 people, and is a control vault: which is to say that it’s one of the vaults where VaultTec refrained from playing mind games.

The tweet announcing the game cryptically says: “When the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled…

This doesn’t tell you much, but it does lead me to think (along with the introduction video) that the game is set primarily within a vault.

It’s just a hunch, and I’m entirely open to the fact that I’m wrong, but given that Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 both had you leave the vault at the first possible opportunity, this would be an intriguing turn for Bethesda.

The trailer is soundtracked by John Denver’s iconic song, Take Me Home, Country Roads. Does this mean Vault 76 is based in West Virginia? Who knows. The rural hills of Appalachia would make a nice change from the previous urban settings of Boston, New Vegas, and Washington DC.

Another intriguing rumor is that Fallout 76 is a multiplayer-oriented game. That isn’t to say that users won’t be able to play it in single player mode (we don’t know either way), but they should expect multiplayer to be the main focus of the game.

Bethesda promises more information during the E3 Showcase on June 10, at 6:30 PM Pacific time. Suffice to say, we’re really bloody excited.

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