Alienware’s PC gaming hotel suite is the vacation experience I’ve always wanted

Alienware’s PC gaming hotel suite is the vacation experience I’ve always wanted

Alienware recently partnered with Hilton Panama to create an entire battlestation that doubles as a hotel room — a.k.a. the PC gamer’s wet dream.

Juan Carlos Garcés, General Director of Intel in Colombia, to HomeCrux:

With this unique offer in the market, once again the Hilton Panama Hotel is consolidated as a hotel that focuses its tourism offer on providing unique and memorable experiences to its customers, guests and visitors.

What it is: Alienware’s room in the Hilton Panama contains a full complement of equipment for the discerning gamer, including two PCs, a virtual reality set-up and an interactive lighting system.

The details: As a gamer guest of the Hilton Panama, you’ll have at your disposal a powerful desktop, a 65-inch OLED TV, 5.1-channel stereo sound system, a racing chair, and two Xbox Elite controllers. If that’s not enough to keep you occupied for at least an epoch, you’ll also have a laptop, an Oculus Rift, and two king-sized beds decked out in the Alienware logo.

Credit: Alienware/Twitter

Why it matters: PC battlestations are extremely expensive, not to mention difficult to maintain. If you can’t afford to buy one yourself, then this room gives you a little glimpse into what it’s like to live the dream of teenage me (and also current me).

The room costs roughly $359 dollars a night — which sounds fairly expensive until you price out the actual hardware. A comparable Alienware desktop alone would set you back at least $2,000, so a few nights with it is bargain by comparison.

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