The Super Mario Odyssey trailer is the strangest thing I’ve seen today

The Super Mario Odyssey trailer is the strangest thing I’ve seen today

Mario has always worn multiple hats — plumber, fashion icon, part-time crimefighter — but Super Mario Odyssey takes each of these hats seriously. The Broadway-inspired trailer is a thrill ride of emotions, and after watching it, oh 20 or so times, I still don’t know what to make of it.

It starts with a strange opening. Did Mario abandon Yoshi for the T-Rex from Ark: Survival Evolved? Worse, did this T-Rex eat Yoshi? Please tell me the T-Rex didn’t eat Yoshi. Or, #AltTheory, is this actually a juiced-up version of Yoshi? It’s got the anger issues. Steroids aren’t cool, kids.

And what about this? Is Mario moonlighting as a scooter-riding cabbie?

Does he even have a drivers license?

Why isn’t he wearing a helmet? I’m worried about your life decisions, Mario.

And the outfit changes. I… I don’t really understand what’s happening here. I’m impressed, however, with how well a chubby plumber rapidly approaching retirement age is able to pull off any ensemble Nintendo decides to dress him in.

But Uncle Sam? A stereotypical Mexican in a poncho and sombrero?

What’s happening right now?

What happened to your body?

Doesn’t that hurt your face?

Why are you a fish?

How do you fight bad guys in a tuxedo? Better still… why are you wearing a tuxedo?

But the most pressing question is: how the hell do I get the song from the trailer out of my head?

I guess we’ll find out later this year.

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