Ubisoft drops five Far Cry 5 trailers, reveals release date

The new trailers — yes, trailers — for Far Cry 5 hit YouTube today, giving more details about the series’ first American entry.

Three of the five trailers focus on in-game characters, who give vague portents of conflict with an encroaching religious army. Another trailer shows the countryside and hints at returning gameplay staples such as attacking animals and vehicles.

The trailers themselves are not very forthcoming about story specifics. According to Kotaku, the antagonist heard shouting about fatherhood in the trailer is Joseph Seed, the leader of a religious cult called The Project at Eden’s Gate.

In the fifth trailer, Dan Hay, the game’s executive producer, gives some background detail on why the series came to America after so long in exotic non-Western locations (something I wondered about myself):

We kept this kind of longing to bring Far Cry to the States, but it’s not easy to do — the idea of going to a frontier in the States and bringing you to a place that you kind of know already, and just the concept that the thing that’s in your backyard could be even more exotic than going 1000 miles away.

Expect to see more details revealed at Ubisoft’s E3 event. The game will be released on February 27, 2018.

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