Minecraft lands on the Nintendo Switch

Minecraft lands on the Nintendo Switch

It’s not like you needed another reason to splash $300 on a Nintendo Switch, but here we are.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that Minecraft — the game it acquired after it bought Swedish developer Mojang in 2014 for $2.5 billion — is coming to Nintendo’s latest (and dare I say greatest?) console.

The Switch version of Minecraft is the full game found on other console versions, and includes the multiplayer mini games, Battle and tumble.

It also comes with some Switch-specific features. Eight players can create together through the game’s multiplayer mode, or locally if everyone has a Switch. Alternatively, four can play together in a split-screen mode from a single console.

One novel feature is that if a TV is unavailable, players can use the device’s kickstand to play in tabletop mode. And you can either use the Joy-Cons or the pro controller.

Microsoft says that when in portable mode, Minecraft runs just as smoothly as it would when tethered to the mains, at 60 FPS on a 720p resolution. Although the company hasn’t commented on how long you can expect to play when relying on the device’s internal battery.

The Switch version of Minecraft also packs some impressive console-specific content. As the Wii U version, there’s a Super Mario Mash-Up Pack, which includes skins, characters, and music from the iconic platformer.

And when you get bored with that, you can dive into the several extra worlds, which are inspired by things like Chinese Mythology, Halloween, and Greek Mythology.

If you live in North America, you can get the game today from Nintendo’s eShop. If you live in Europe and Japan, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Oh, the humanity!

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