PS4 update gives Pro & VR owners a much-needed ‘boost’

PS4 update gives Pro & VR owners a much-needed ‘boost’

Sony today announced a major PS4 system software update. The update brings several features to make life easier for all PS4 console owners.

The most useful change in Update 4.50 is the introduction of Boost Mode. This setting for PS4 Pro owners will makes it easier to play legacy titles which haven’t been patched for the Pro. Players who opt-in get a framerate boost and (potentially) shorter load times. It might not work for all titles, Sony warns.

If you have a PS VR set, you’re in luck — the update brings the ability to watch 3D Blu-ray movies in-headset. Sony is also fine-tuning how 2D images appear within the VR realm, including the PS4 menus.

The update also adds major changes for vanilla PS4 owners as well. The most important one is HDD support, which allows users to store applications and data on external hard drives up to 8TB in size. This is a huge plus, considering the PS4’s built-in hard drive is 500GB.

Other interesting and useful updates let users chat with friends while playing a game with Remote Play, and to post text and screenshots directly to their Activity Feed, like every social media platform. Players can also customize their wallpaper with screenshots, and choose their notifications from a simplified list.

Update 4.50 rolls out tomorrow.

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