Nintendo keeps it real in latest European ‘Switch’ ad

Nintendo keeps it real in latest European ‘Switch’ ad

With the release date inching ever-closer for Nintendo’s new console ‘Switch,’ its German Facebook Page today released a teaser video with possibly the most accurate portrayal of how we’ll actually use: on the toilet.

The portable console is the best jack-of-all trades approach we’ve seen at blending the console and handheld market. Switch features handheld ‘Joy-Cons’ that pair with a 6.2-inch screen (for use on the toilet, obviously), or act as independent controllers when playing multi-player (on the small screen or a larger television).

Nintendo’s new ad showed just how versatile a setup it was, and why it’s great for those looking for a console that wears multiple hats — or, for one you can play on the toilet. Of course, it’s not only useful for toilet gaming (although we know you’ll use it there), as Nintendo shows, but being able to play the same console at home with friends, in the shitter (presumably by yourself), or during what looks like a college course your parents are paying good money for, just drives home what a versatile system Switch will be.

We’ll find out for ourselves when it drops on March 3.

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