Super Mario Odyssey in GTA’s Liberty City is the plumber’s worst adventure ever

For the launch of its new Switch portable console, Nintendo announced a radically different take on its Mario game franchise with Super Mario Odyssey. It sees our favorite Italian plumber explore New Donk City, which is inhabited by humans and more like the real world than other environs he’s ever been in.

YouTuber CrowbCat painstakingly recreated the trailer for the new game in Grand Theft Auto 4’s Liberty City, complete with a life-size Mario character. You’ll want to watch the original before checking out CrowbCat’s hilarious remake, which shows how quickly things could go south for Mario if he actually dared venture into NYC for real.

Yup, Nintendo is probably going to want to make this video disappear soon. Hope you can catch it before it’s gone forever.

Via Polygon

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