NES Classic Edition gets Bluetooth support with a $40 accessory

NES Classic Edition gets Bluetooth support with a $40 accessory

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition is a gift from the gaming gods, but it’s marred by one explicable flaw: the controller cable is too short, forcing you to sit extremely close to your TV. The solution was to get an aftermarket extension cable or alternate controller, but why not just get rid of the cable completely?

That’s what 8Bitdo’s Retro Reciever does, operating via Bluetooth with an included remote that adds an extra two face and shoulder buttons, (should you want to use the controller for other, more button-y systems). Moreover, you can connect just about any Bluetooth controller to the Retro Receiver too. The idea of playing on an NES with a PS4 controller may be sacrilege, it’s an especially convenient option if you don’t want to pay for a second controller.

Its $40 sticker is a bit of a hefty price to pay, nearly doubling the NES Classic’s $60 price of entry, but the cost nearly balances out when you factor in purchasing a second controller and then extension cables for both. If you’re interested, the receiver and controller start shipping as a set on December 16 from Amazon.

Via The Verge

Retro Reciever NES Classic on 8Bitdo

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