Watch Mario’s creator play ‘Super Mario Run’ while doing bicep curls

Watch Mario’s creator play ‘Super Mario Run’ while doing bicep curls

Shigeru Miyamoto created some of the most storied game franchises of all time. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox and countless others all have Miyamoto’s fingerprints on them them. After playing ‘Super Mario Run’ while eating a hamburger, doing bicep curls and shaking hands — his mobile phone screen probably does too.

Super Mario Run is a departure from traditional Mario games that required two-handed play. Instead of relying on a directional pad and buttons, you now control the feisty plumber in much the same way you’d steer runners in games like ‘Subway Surfers’ and ‘Temple Run.’ That is to say, you don’t; you pretty much just avoid obstacles and smash things that get in your way.

To demonstrate this new play style, Miyamoto played one-handed while demonstrating some of the things your other hand could be used for. I doubt most of us are going to be busting out sets with dumbbells anytime soon, but speaking strictly for myself, the hamburger thing is a strong possibility.

Watch as Mr. Miyamoto reveals his favorite ways to play SuperMarioRun on the go! on Twitter

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