Nintendo lands a huge blow to gamers as it kills over 500 fan games

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Nintendo is pretty draconian when it comes to using its intellectual property for personal projects.

Last month, the gaming giant killed this beautiful fanmade remake of Metroid and now over 500 fan games will suffer the same fate as the Japanese company has issued a barrage of DMCA takedown notices.

The takedown requests targeted numerous Nintendo-inspired homages like Pokémon Stellar, Zelda and the Youtubers and a bunch of fanmade Super Mario spinoffs.

Most of the games were hosted on indie developer platform Game Jolt where avid enthusiasts can share their projects for free.

Nintendo’s legal team has since released the following statement with regards to the takedown requests:

These web pages display images of Nintendo’s video game characters in connection with unauthorized online games that copy the characters, music, and other features.

Needless to say, the company is entirely in its right to demand these games be taken off the Web.

Still, it’s a little daunting to think the Japanese titan is willing to deprive thousands of fans of the chance to sate their oldschool nostalgia.

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Nintendo slaps Metroid 2 remake and 500-plus fangames with takedown orders on Polygon

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