Bose wants kids to learn about sound by assembling a Bluetooth speaker themselves

Bose wants kids to learn about sound by assembling a Bluetooth speaker themselves
Credit: Bose

There are all kinds of tools and services to help kids learn to code these days – but what if your child is more interested in building gadgets?

The audio experts at Bose have released the BoseBuild Speaker Cube, a system designed to help kids understand how sound works as they assemble a Bluetooth speaker using prefabricated parts and following instructions on a companion iOS app.

In addition to putting these parts together, children can also go through activities involving speaker components to learn about frequencies and equalization.

Plus, the Speaker Cube system includes customizable colored LED lights that can dance along with music played through the speaker and customize its look with a range of covers.

Bose says its product will take a child about an hour to assemble on their own, but the Bluetooth speaker, which is compatible with any device that supports the wireless standard – will last for years and can be taken apart at any time to explore other learning activities with its components. The $149 price tag for a hands-on learning experience, as well as a Bose speaker for your child, seems pretty reasonable.

This is the first product from Bose’s new category of devices for children who want to learn more about how gadgets work. It’ll be interesting to see what the company comes up next for young circuitheads.

BoseBuild Speaker Cube on BoseBuild

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